bullet2 Multiplying Rational Numbers

A rational number is any number that can be written in the form a/b  where b  is not equal to zero.

bullet3 Review of Steps

To multiply rational numbers you multiply (across)
       numerator       times     numerator      over
            denominator     times     denominator

bullet3 Practice Exercises

Use the OGT calculator for each set of practice problems.  
Hit next to check your answers.

bullet3 What numbers are rational?

Integers, fractions, and repeating and terminating decimals can all be written in the form a/b , so the are all rational numbers.

You are not going to change the value of the number just the way it looks.

bullet3 Using the OGT Calculator


The key you will need to multiply rational numbers with your calculator is the fraction key  .  It is in the third row and the fifth column.  This will allow you to input fractions, both proper and improper, and mixed numbers.  Your solution will be a proper fraction or mixed number.

You can also change mixed number to improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers using the inverse key  which is the second key in the first row, and the fraction key  .

Also to input a negative number you use the  key in the last row to the left of the  key. You input the number first then the  key.