bullet2 Solving One Step Subtraction Problems

In science, when you are using the formula for acceleration ( acceleration = (final velocity initial velocity) / time ) you will solve these equations the same way you would in math class.

bullet3 Using the Calculator

On the Ohio Graduation Test "OGT" you will be allowed to use the calculator provided for the test.  In this section you can review the basic operations with the calculator as well as how to input negative numbers and fractions.

  • Negative Numbers Calculations

    To input a negative number you use the  key in the last row to the left of the  key. You input the number first then the  key.

    Warning: Do not use the subtraction key  for negative numbers.
    Example:  -75.93
    Display:  -75.93

  • Fractions using Calculator

    With the OGT calculator you will use the fraction key  to perfrom operations with fractions, when you want a fractional answer.  It is in the third row and the fifth column.  This will allow you to input fractions, both proper and improper, and mixed numbers.  Your solution will be a proper fraction or mixed number but you can also change from a mixed number to an improper fraction.

    The OGT calculator will also reduce all fractions in your final answer so you do not have to worry about it.

    • Proper Fraction Calculations
      To input a proper fraction you input the numerator then the fraction key  then the denominator.
      Example :  4/9
      Key strokes:
      Display:  4  9

    • Mixed Numbers Calculations
      To input a mixed number you input the integer then the fraction key ,the numerator then the fraction key , and then the denominator.  
      Example: 5 19/21
      Display:  5_19  21

    • Improper Fractions Calculations
      You input an improper fraction the same way you do a proper fraction.  To input an improper fraction you input the numerator then the fraction key  then the denominator.  The calculator will turn it to a mixed number.
      Example:  11/6
      Display:  11  6
      Hit any operation key and the calculator will convert the improper fraction to a mixed number.
      Display:  1_5  6

    • Converting with Calculator
To convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions you will use the inverse key   which is the second key in the first row, and the fraction key  .  

  • Fraction to Decimal Calculations
    If you need a decimal answer from a fraction, remember all fractions are division problems, so input it as a division problem.
    Example:  Change 5/6 to a decimal
    Display:  0.833333333
    Read the directions from the problem to determine how many places you need after the decimal point.

  • Addition using Calculator

    To add use the   which is in the seventh row and the fourth column.

  • Subtraction using Calculator

    To subtract use the   which is in the seventh row and the fifth column.

    Warning: Do not use the  for subtraction.

  • bullet3 Subtraction

    x - a = b
    Addition and subtraction problems are the same because you can change subtraction to addition then change the sign of the next number to the right to the opposite.