bullet2 How Well Do You Know It?

Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.
Albert Einstein

bullet3 Quiz

DIRECTIONS:   Now that you have "worked" your way through this lesson, grab a piece of paper and take this quiz.  Check your answers when you are finished.

1.  Define work using the scientific meaning.

2.  Write the equation for work and identify all of the parts.

3.  What is the SI unit for work?

4.  What is the SI unit for force?

5.  What is the SI unit for distance?
6.  Do you know who Atlas is?
Well, he is the mythical hero who held up the earth on his shoulders.  
For arguements sake, if it took a force of  6.02 x 1024 N to hold up the earth, how much work does Atlas do while holding the earth on his shoulders?

  • Answers

    1.  Work is a quantity that measures a force acting on an object over a distance.

    2.  Work equation:  W = Fd
         W represents work
         F represents force
         d represents distance

    3.  The SI unit for work is the joule.

    4.  The SI unit for force is the newton.

    5.  The SI unit for force is the meter.

    6.  Atlas is not doing any work!  While he is applying a force of 6.02 x 1024 N to the earth, he is not moving it any distance.  So if the known values are put into an equation:
    W = (6.02 x 1024 N) (0m) = 0 joules
    Atlas is not doing any work in the scientific sense.


bullet3 Glossary


Work:  a quantity that measures the effects of a force acting over a distance.

1.  a push or a pull.
2.  the cause of acceleration, or change in an objects velocity.  Unbalanced forces will cause motion when applied to an object.

joule:  the SI unit for work.

newton:  the SI unit for force.

meter:  the SI unit for distance.