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Information on Copyright and Plagiarism

Academic Honesty (from the Franciscan University catalog):
Honesty is a fundamental necessity for the Christian student. All students who attend Franciscan University agree to pursue their studies, indeed all of life, with integrity. The University expects each student to adhere rigorously to Christian moral standards in the academic life, pursuing academic excellence with justice and honesty. Academic dishonesty, in all its forms, is antithetical to authentic Christian scholarship.
Copyright Information
Copyright FAQs from the US Government.
Cheating/Plagiarism (quoted from Franciscan University catalog)

A student who cheats on any test or plagiarizes a paper shall fail the course and have a memorandum of this action placed in his or her file. If a student repeats this action, dismissal will result, with the action so noted in the student’s permanent record.

How do I avoid committing plagiarism in a paper? By proper use of citations.

If you knew something before you began the class, you probably do not need a foot note or endnote. An exception would be specialized knowledge that your instructor would not expect you to know or have experienced. Example-you had a private audience with the Pope and you quoted what was said. This is your knowledge but you must let others know about how you acquired this knowledge.
Students are responsible for:
Using the style sheet specified by your professor
Asking your professor for guidance in matters pertaining to citations
Adhering to the honesty policy.
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