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Searching for articles in online databases

Begin your search on the blue library home page. 


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The "JPII Library" is the link to our online catalog. It lists all of the print books, ebooks, print journals and online journals that are available from the library.

“Find articles by subject” will take you to our databases, sorted by subject.

The next link, “Title of Journal,” will tell you if we have a subscription to a journal that is online in full text.


  • If you’re searching for a journal article, click on Find articles by “Subject.

  • Next, click on the subject that you need. For example, “Theology.”

  • This brings you to a list of databases in theology and related areas.




  • Select a database and click on the link.  If you’re off-campus, you may see an authentication page.  The OhioLINK authentication page looks like this:


  • The EBSCO databases use the OPAL authentication page, which looks like this. PLEASE NOTE – this page requires only your last name and your barcode number.


  • This is an example of a basic search screen for an EBSCO database. Off campus access defaults to this basic search screen. You can click on “Advanced Search” to find more search term boxes.

  • You can also change EBSCO databases or search several databases at once by clicking here.


  • This is an example of the advanced search screen.


  • The search screen gives you many options. You can limit your search by date, publication type, full text and peer reviewed journals.


You can also limit your search by selecting a field.

  • The result of your search might look like this. The article may be available as a full text PDF document or a full text HTML document. Click on these links to read or print the article.

  • You can also limit your results at this screen.


  • You may find an article that is not available in the EBSCO database that you’re using. In this example the article is available as an abstract but does not list an HTML or PDF format. Instead, it has the “Find It” icon. But it may be available online in full text from a different resource at the library.


  • Instead of using the "Find It" icon, return to the blue home page where you’ll find a link for finding articles by “Title of Journal.”


  • Clicking on this link takes you to a page where you can find all of the online journals available at the John Paul II Library’. This search engine will find only full text online journals. The Library may have older volumes in print..


  • Fill in the title of the journal here.


  • The search engine will tell you if the journal is available online and what years are available in full text. In this example, you will find the Journal of the American Chemical Society through OhioLINK



  • Click on the link to go to the OhioLINK EJC (Electronic Journal Center). If you are searching from an off campus location, you will see the OhioLINK authentication screen before you can access the online journal.


  • This is what the journal page will look like.


  • Once you reach the journal page, scroll down until you find the year or volume you need. For this example, it’s volume 131, issue 29. 


  • Click on this link, then scroll down to find your article.


  • If the article you need is not online or in print at the library , you can order a copy through Interlibrary Loan by using the link on the blue library home page.


  • Click on “Interlibrary Loan.”


  • Next, click on “Place an ILL request online.”


  • This is the page that you will see.


  • Please scroll down until you see “Inter-Library Loan Request”

  • Fill in the information. Do not hit the back arrow until you are completely finished or you will lose all of the information that you’ve filled in.

It’s unusual to be charged for an article, so ignore this line. If there’s a charge for this article, we’ll contact you first.


  • When you’re done filling in the information about the article, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Don’t click on “Search the library catalog for this item.”

Just enter your name, last name first, first name last and fill in your barcode. Then click on “Submit.” We’ll fill the request and mail it to you.



Please don’t hesitate to call or email the library if you need any further help or clarification.

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