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Collection Deselection Policy

Deselection of library materials (weeding) is necessary to maintain an effective, academically useful collection that reflects the changing needs of the library patrons and current developments in every subject area. The library’s weeding policy recognizes that our holding have moved from the “just in case” depository approach to the “just in time” system that is supported by our consortia membership. Our goal is to meet patron needs and not to store or warehouse books.

The collection is analyzed on an ongoing basis to identify items that are not circulating; items with superseded, dated or obsolete information; and materials in poor condition.

General guidelines used to evaluate items for deselection:

  • Use patterns. The ACRL recommends that items that have not been used in 10 years should be removed from the collection. Exceptions to this rule include items considered classic works in their field, books authored by faculty and items of local interest.
  • New editions that superseded older editions.
  • Items with erroneous or outdated information, especially works in the sciences or technical areas that are over five years old.
  • Items that support academic programs or courses that have been discontinued.
  • Multiple copies of items, except for titles with heavy use or those requested by faculty for reserve.
  • Age. With the exception of humanities, anything over 10 years old should be considered for deselection.
  • Condition. Items that are damaged beyond repair.

A list of items to be weeded will be compiled and sent to the Dean for dissemination to faculty. The list will include the title of the item, the reason for removal and the number of copies in the consortia. The faculty will be given the opportunity to review the list of items selected for weeding. If on review a faculty member believes that an item is a classic work and should be kept in the collection, they must notify the Dean and the Library Director within two weeks.

The professional staff of the library retains the right to make the final decision on deselecting items.

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