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Search Tips for Biology and Medicine


The main database for medicine is Medline, for Biology either Biological Abstracts or Biological and Agricultural Index found from the library home page-click on find articles by subject, then click on biology or nursing.

You may search by words anywhere (a keyword approach) title, author, subject. The nursing database has a thesaurus that will lead you to the correct medical term (if a medical term exists for your keyword.) I suggest that you use keyword-at least at first-and choose the focus option The search option may yield an overwhelming response. Search is useful if focus gives you too few results. For biology, use the three bar approach-it works better than anding your terms.

Subject headings should be used only after finding the appropriate one to use. You can never be sure as to the exact subject heading in use until you have some experience with the database.

After using keywords, you may find a subject heading that is useful for your search. These subject headings are in the blue print under the citations for the articles and you can click on them to bring up those citations.

The citations in the database that discuss books can link directly to the catalog using find a copy. If you wish to order the book via interlibrary loan, you may do it while searching. (this feature may not be available from older articles).

Limits are available-language, publication type (book, journal article, book review, etc.), publication year. The default setting for this database loads recent articles first.

Please note-the database does cover publications in languages other than English, so proceed carefully. Using the limit function, you can select English as the language that you wish to use.

There is FULL TEXT MATERIAL in this database. There are LINKS from this database to the text (use find a copy) and you may look in the catalog for subscription information (do we get the journal?) and use our own copy.

Please be aware that ILL (interlibrary loan) involves a delivery process. Books and articles take 3-5 days at least.






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