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The Classical World and Classical Language


From the John Paul II Library homepage, select Find articles by and then Subject.   Under History, select the Ancient World and Early Christianity.  This section guides you to many resources that pertain to the classical world. 

If you know the title of the journal, go to Find Articles by title of journal and follow along.

Remember that information about his period comes to us from two main sources: the written record and the physical remains of these cultures.  The study of archeology plays an important role in interpreting both the ruins of these cultures and the writings that they have left behind.

Many nations and places in ancient history still exist today.  If you perform a search in a general database using Egypt or Rome as a term without additional qualifiers, you may have results that pertain to the modern rather than the ancient world

1.         You may search by words anywhere (a keyword approach) title, author, subject.  I suggest that you use keyword-at least at first.

2.         Subject headings should be used only after finding the appropriate one to use. You can never be sure as to the exact subject heading in use until you have some experience with the database.

3.         After using keywords, you may find a subject heading that is useful for your search.  These subject headings are in the blue print under the citations for the articles and you can click on them to bring up those citations.


Some important facts about Inter Library Loan---

1.         Books take at least 3 days

2.         Articles take at least 5 days—print citation and attach pink form with your contact information

3.         Please print the article citation from the database.  If submitting a list, please make it very clear as to which articles you wish to order. (please order handwritten next to each one you want is fine)

4.         The ISSN number is very important—it can be found on most databases—please include it.


Journals in John Paul II Library

Many of the databases do not include the full text of the article.

The library subscribes to over 700 journals.  Current copies are on the main floor and the older copies are on the second floor, bound and arranged in call number order. Some older journals are in storage and there is a 24-hour turn around on requests.

You may check to see if we subscribe to a journal by checking the JPII catalog. You may see if we have full text access to a journal by using the Find Articles by Title of Journal option.

PLEASE REMEMBER to search by the exact name of the journal.

Before asking for an article via ILL, be sure to check and see if the library has the journal available here.

Remember-if the title of the book is in Latin or Greek, the book is most likely in that language. Please look for the name of the translator.  Unless there is a translator, the work will be in the original language.






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