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Search tips for Education


1.        The main databases for education are Eric, Education Abstracts and Professional Development Collection. From the library home page-click on find articles by SUBJECT-click on Education-click on database by name.


2.        Eric EBSCO and Professional Development Collection have an option that allows you to search for full text articles and peer reviewed articles.  This allows you quick access to articles that you may print immediately. 


3.        You may search by words anywhere (a keyword approach), title, author, subject.  Using two to three keywords is a very good way to begin a search.  Remember-a database may not use the same terms that you do-be flexible and use synonyms.


4.        Subject headings in all databases should be used only after finding the appropriate heading to use. You can never be sure as to the exact subject heading in until you have some experience with the database.


5.        After using keywords, you may find a subject heading that is useful for your search.  These subject headings are in the blue print under the citations for the articles and you can click on them to bring up those citations.


6.        The citations in the database that discuss books may link directly to the catalog using find it. Otherwise, you may enter the title of the book into the OhioLINK catalog search feature.  If you wish to order the book via interlibrary loan, you may do so while searching. (this feature may not be available from older articles).


7.        In ERIC, Limits are available-language, publication type (book, journal article, Education Document, book review, etc.), publication year. The default setting for this database loads recent articles first.


8.        There is FULL TEXT MATERIAL in ERIC.  There are LINKS from this database to the text (use find it) and you may look under find articles by Title of Journal and use our own copy. You MAY NOT ILL journals that JPII has in print or available full text.   If an article is missing (a journal was defaced) you must note this on the request form or the request will be denied.


9.        Please be aware that ILL (interlibrary loan) involves a delivery process.  Books and articles take 3-5 business days at least.


10.    NOTE-any record that has an ED number is an education document.  ED’s are NOT peer reviewed. They are full text via Find It or come to our library on microfiche, stored in the large cabinets in the back by number and may be copied using the special copier near the elevator, which only takes nickels inserted ONE AT A TIME.


11.    You may access these databases remotely by following the Off-Campus Access link to the right of the library homepage.  You will get a two-hour session and may use as many sessions in a day as you wish.









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