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Search tips for Philosophy


The main database for philosophy is Philosopher's Index, found from the library home page-click on find articles by subject-click on Philosophy-click on Philosopher's Index.

Please note-we have only one link to Philosopher’s Index. Please remember to log out when you are finished.

You may search by words anywhere (a keyword approach) title, author, subject. I suggest that you use keyword-at least at first-rather than subject. You can never be sure as to the exact subject heading in use until you have some experience with the database.

Limits are available-language, publication type (monograph, journal article, book review, etc.), publication year and update code. Latest update means very recent additions to the database on the topic you have selected.

Please note-the database does cover publications in languages other than English, so proceed carefully.

This is know to be a database with some bad citations, so you may find an Interlibrary Loan request returned with cann ot find article. There is nothing further that can be done by the library staff if the citation is too badly written by the index itself.

There is NO FULL TEXT MATERIAL in this database. There are NO LINKS from this database to other databases, therefore you must look in our catalog for subscription information (do we get the journal?) and check another source, such as Title of Journal, for full text availability.

To use title of journal, just type in the exact title of the journal to see if it is full text in any of our databases. Please note the years covered for full text.


This database is purchased separately, so that there is no opportunity to correct this situation. Unless OhioLINK connects to Philosopher's Index, this extra step will remain imperative.

The Religion and Philosophy Collection from EBSCO has many full-text articles in philosophy but does not have the extensive coverage of Philosophers Index.






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